2013-14 NBA Rivalries
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Author:  Keer [ Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  2013-14 NBA Rivalries

I'll be watching this NBA season closer than any other in my life (which isn't saying much...I used to be strictly NFL and boxing, now strictly not). Though, there are some intense rivalries continuing, and others in the making, based on last season's playoffs and this offseason/preseason.

Heat v Bulls: Bulls made the Heat look bad, even moreso without their best players available in the series. There was a lot of valid "What if...?" talk going on. Now that Derek Rose is back, and hopefully healthy for a whole run, we may be able to see the best play the best. Lots of anticipation building.

Heat v Pacers: Pacers had the Heat's number for a while in their series, no doubt about it. It was great to watch a team be successful with a gritty, steady style. Pacers have to be aching to get some get back. They came so close.

Heat v Spurs: Spurs are probably still in the arena locker room, staring in the mirror, haven't changed clothes, Howard Hughes beards and fingernails, wondering "What the fuck?!" They came even closer than the Pacers. Can the "old guys" bring it again?

Heat v Thunder: there was no contact in last season's playoffs....but, ohhhh, there's been some verbal warfare sparking off! Durant speaks his mind on Wade being over-rated. Wade taking exception. Regardless of the truth, the proof might come to be a few times this season. Challenge! Now with Westbrook back for the Thunder, they'll have a much better chance of advancing to the conference finals where they otherwise would have been.

Heat v Nets: Even more animosity via media jabs! James tweaking nerves on Garnett & Pierce about their shunning of Ray Allen. Pierce hard fouling James last week in a preseason game, then post-game saying he did it to send a message to James and the rest of the league! Pierce is taking the move to Brooklyn to heart! 2/3 of the true Big 3 want to win a ring and show Ray Allen that he could have stayed with them and won a championship again. Can the Nets vibe together enough in their first year with a new team, in a new city, to be a true contender? Ancient Greek drama going off on the east coast.

Axes being ground! Grudges being nursed! All this barking and sparking before the season has even started! It's like NBA: The Alpha Quadrant! Stand by, 3-point torpedos!

Full disclosure: I couldn't care less who wins the championship this year. I'm just spanning the league to view the constant variety of baskets... the thrill of victory... and the agony of defeat... the human drama of athletic competition.

Author:  MrDooo [ Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2013-14 NBA Rivalries

As a Bulls fan I must say...

Heat =

Author:  Keer [ Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2013-14 NBA Rivalries

Dooosh heheh

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